Optimizer 4D


With the new high-frequency-impulse-measurement, the Optimizer4D detects changes in the material's structure while cutting, welding or induction hardening - As if yout tool had an implemented data interface. In real-time. Non-destructive.

The measuring computer

The Optimizer4D is a Linux PC-System based measuring computer, that has been equipped with special measuring hardware. This hardware is designed to process high-frequency ultrasonic signals (3GB/min). The signals are converted in well readable process images in real-time. Analyzing tools remove noise, highlight signals and determine deviations relative to previous processes.

Here you can see four process landscapes recorded by the Optimizer4D. The process characteristics are well distinguishable. In image 3 you can see a set of four bars, continuously repeating itself. The first and the last bar are comparatively less distinct. Every bar represents a blade of a multiple-blade-cutter. The deviations in intensity and cutting duration are caused by a concentricity deviation of 8µs.

The operator can zoom into the process landscape and by that detect even shortest events like cracks. In this he is supported by efficient software.